Sunny Italian female voice acting.
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  • Agatha (Italian)

  • Anna (Italian)

  • Valentina (Italian)

  • Valeria (Italian)

  • Vivian (Italian)

  • Virginia (Italian)

  • Gabriela (Italian)

  • Jia (Italian)

  • Iris (Italian)

  • Cristina (Italian)

  • Chiara (Italian)

  • Monica (Italian)

  • Sandra (Italian)

  • Sara (Italian)

  • Terry (Italian)

  • Tizzi (Italian)

  • Cinzia (Italian)

The best database of Italian female announcers

Only here you will find professional female voice talent in Italian. BarabanProduction works exclusively with leading announcers from Lazio, Lombardy, Campania and many other cities in Italy. We will select the best female voice for you and make the voice acting on time.

BarabanProduction has collected for you the most efficient Italian female announcers at democratic prices. We are always ready to offer our clients a flexible, individual approach. Our recording studio works exclusively with native speakers.