We will record any announcer for you.
Only professionals and carriers.

  • Aban (Persian-Farsi)

  • Abbas (Arabic)

  • Abelard (German)

  • Absolon (French)

  • Abhei (Hindi)

  • Avanlan (Chuvash)

  • Abel (Hungarian)

  • Avigdor (Hebrew)

  • Adam (Czech)

  • Adam (English - American)

  • Adem (Turkish)

  • Adi (Indonesian)

  • Ajdar (Uzbek)

  • Azer (Azerbaijan)

  • Aidar (Kyrgyz)

  • Aydzh (Dutch)

  • Aizik (Vietnamese)

  • Aki (Japanese)

  • Axel (Swedish)

  • Alvis (Norwegian)

  • Alex (Italian)

  • Alexander (Belarusian)

  • Allan (Estonian)

  • Almet (Kazakh)

  • Alfonso (Spanish - Castilian)

  • Amiran (Georgian)

  • Andrei (Romanian)

  • Ares (Greek)

  • Atamaz (Armenian)

  • Athith (Thai)

  • Ahmed (Urdu)

  • Bao (Korean)

  • Barabanoff Taras (Ukrainian)

  • Bingwen (Chinese - Simplified)

  • Bronius (Lithuanian)

  • Vitaly Vilchansky (Russian)

  • Dadash (Tajik)

  • Dariusz (Polish)

  • Dimitar (Bulgarian)

  • Dominik (Slovak)

  • David (Portuguese - Brazilian)

  • Cyril (Croatian)

  • Kurtiyab (Mongolian)

  • Martin (Slovenian)

  • Meqsed (Turkmenian)

  • Mirza (Tatarian)

  • Charlis (Latvian)

Announcers in all existing languages

Here is a database of mega professional speakers! The voices of our BarabanProduction are heard all over the world - from simple informational videos to premium video ads. The services of our studio are used in all corners of our vast land.

We accept orders for voice acting seven days a week, twenty four hours a day. We will voice content for you in any language. And if it so happened that you did not find the speaker in the desired language?! Please leave a request, which our managers will surely cope with.

Announcers BarabanProduction work quickly and efficiently. And if you are not entirely sure about the choice of voice, we will gladly make for you a free demo recording of the voiceover in which you doubt, in order to finally dispel all doubts. BarabanProduction is a surprisingly large selection of timbres that will lead your business to success!