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We produce audio programs for every taste.
From idea to result - just one click.

  • Programs - Kuzma Kazav (Ukrainian Language)

  • Programs - Tale of the Night (Ukrainian Language)

  • Programs - MusicInUa (Ukrainian Language)

  • Programs - Bismarck (Russian Language)

  • Programs - Merry Farm (Ukrainian Language)

Creation of online audio production

So that potential clients can, as best as possible, and in detail learn about your services and products, BarabanProduction offers you to make not just a short advertising video, but a whole program. Our team will develop a concept, copywriters will write the text, after which we together with you will select a voiceover that records the text, and sound engineers will combine it all into one audio track.

We are also engaged in the production of audio programs for radio stations. And we do it in all languages! We cooperate with speakers from all over the world and are ready to record a text for you in any language for any country. BarabanProduction offers you to create a record of a turnkey corporate program online, and all this can be done in one click. You can familiarize yourself with our works in this section.

Voiceover for TV programs! Choose any speakers, any timbre and gender - the largest database of voices is at your service, and most importantly online. As practice shows, our clients choose our team because we translate all our services into reality online. We value and save our customers' time.