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  • Image - app for Casino (French Language)

  • Betano (Portuguese-Brazilian)

  • Image - Bolid FM (Russian Language)

  • Image - Dj Katusha And Jesica (English Language)

  • Image - 3D Lux (Russian Language)

  • Image - Volkswagen (Ukrainian Language)

  • Image - Personality Contrary (Ukrainian Language)

The perfect image audio clip online

Image videos for a company, radio or just for your business - this is one of the components of success! BarabanProduction is ready to provide you with a huge selection of solid, pretentious, vocal audio clips. You can familiarize yourself with examples in this section, choose the advertisement you like, and our team, in turn, will make it even better.

Creating image videos is a very painstaking work... It is necessary to develop an idea, write a text or a short song, choose a voice, and only then start producing it. Only our team of professionals can do it!

One of the main processes is the voice acting of the image video. The announcer should be imbued with the idea of the company and, thanks to his voice, show it in the best possible light so that the potential client believes and comes to you. Thanks to our huge voice base, which is constantly growing, BarabanProduction makes it easy. And after that, we already proceed to the musical part of the advertisement...