Voice acting, dubbing, lipsing
Musical accompaniment

Our announcers will sound for you any video product.

Professional voiceover for your video

Voice acting for advertising videos is one of the areas in which BarabanProduction is successfully engaged. We will provide your video sequence with voiceover, music, and sound effects. Before deciding to place an order with us or not, please read our work in this section and see for yourself the quality of our media product.

Our announcers are ready to make dubbing for any video - the so-called lipsing (synchronized lip movement). Our professional team offers post-production services, that is, we can finalize an already shot video, completely re-sound it or even re-sound it. You can choose a suitable voice from our huge voice base, or we can recommend and select the best option for you in terms of price and quality.

Due to the huge popularity of youtube channels, BarabanProduction is actively involved in dubbing YouTube videos. Our announcers can offer you both a funny presentation of the text, and a solid, epic or even pretentious one. It all depends on the client's wishes. We are waiting for your orders online through a special form that you see on the site. We will be happy to cope with any task.