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  • Info - Tesla (Polish Language)

  • Info - Traiden Kun (Indonesian Language)

  • Info - Bazanet (Ukrainian Language)

  • Info - Floors (Russian Language)

  • Info - Atronocom (English Language)

  • Info - Noluma (Vietnamese Language)

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BarabanProduction offers you the largest selection of various informational commercials and, which is important, we will make them for you on a turnkey basis. The success of such audio advertising lies in the fact that a potential client in a short time, and this 10, 15 or 30 seconds, learns all the most important about your product or service, and most importantly "without water" - this significantly brings the company and the client closer together.

Our professional team is engaged in informational voiceover of videos, and this option is available online. Choose any voice: female, male or child - the timbre palette of our speakers will pleasantly surprise you. We make records in all existing languages, which gives you the opportunity to present your services or products in the markets of other countries.

Only here you can record an information clip online! You don't need to go anywhere, sit in the studio, wait for the announcer... Fill out the required form and send it to us. Then wait for the finished audio product. Our team works to complete customer satisfaction.